Engaging Teachers with Whole-Brain Thinking #FETC

I enjoy presenting at conferences and I’m always inspired by the people I meet.  Educational conferences are perhaps my favorite.  The passion for teaching and the thirst for knowledge that will improve what happens in the classroom is palpable. Sharing ideas and engaging with people who are so dedicated to mastering their craft is a little like Red Bull for the soul.

The goal with any speaking engagement is to walk away feeling like you added value… that you shared a few nuggets that will enkindle further thought and dialogue, and inspire personal or professional growth. In my experiences with various organizations,  I find teachers to be among the toughest critics.

Maybe it’s because despite having one of the most important jobs on the planet, they have so few opportunities to connect and collaborate with other educators. And when they have one of those rare opportunities, you have to deliver. Don’t waste that precious time.

Teachers will tell you when you miss the mark.

They don’t sugar coat it, mince words, or hide their disdain when you don’t deliver.

But when you do, they are grateful and eager to express their gratitude.

This week, I had the privilege of presenting at the Florida Educational Technology Conference in Orlando.  I say privilege with genuine sincerity.  To the many of you who stopped by after the session to express appreciation, emailed kind notes, tweeted, posted, and shared some of the nuggets, I thank you. The overwhelming feedback I received is what makes what I do so rewarding and fulfilling.

To those of you who attended the session and did not receive the handout, you can access it here.  Download it, share it, enjoy it… knowing that we all have the ability to grow our capacity to learn.

For those of you interested in a copy of the Brain Facts Infographic, you can access it here.

Be sure to check out the resources on the website for more information.

I love sharing new learning, so stay in touch with me to keep growing those dendrites (you know… the Rockefeller Center tree) between your ears.

Dr. Melissa Hughes is the founder and principal of The Andrick Group. Our mission is to engage, inspire, and educate people to increase their capacity for learning and creativity. We do this by providing tailored, dynamic workshops that help organizations improve their work by understanding how the brain works and applying that to achieve greater productivity, professional growth, and personal satisfaction.


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